Choosing Sympathy Gifts Other Than Flowers

Whether it’s to celebrate a birthday or to say thank you for a job well done, there are many sympathy gifts to choose from. Some of the most popular gifts are flowers, but what about a unique gift that will be sure to impress your special someone?

Wrapping a blanket around a loved one

During the time of loss, giving a sympathy blanket is a thoughtful gesture. It is also a practical gift that can provide comfort and help to bring back memories of your loved one. Whether you choose to give a blanket or a card, you can be assured that it will be appreciated.

Depending on your relationship with the bereaved, it may be wise to choose one of the following sympathy gift options. For instance, if you knew the deceased, you can send them a basket, hamper, or flowers.

For a more unique gift, consider a personalized sympathy blanket. You can choose from designs featuring a child or animal, a quote, or a religious remembrance. You can even choose to personalize the blanket with your own handwriting.

A Succulent gift box

Choosing a succulent gift box to send to a friend or loved one in need of comfort after a loss is a thoughtful and uplifting gesture. The gift box includes a small succulent in a ceramic pot, a note of sympathy, and a candle. These items are packaged in a brightly colored shipping box.

Succulents are a great alternative to flowers. They provide color and texture to a room, and act as natural air purifiers. They are also easy to care for. Unlike flowers, succulents do not require much watering. They will thrive even in difficult conditions.

There are many different succulent gifts to choose from. There are also premade succulent gift baskets. Whether you want to give a small gift to a friend or loved one, or you want to give a large plant to a church, succulents are a great choice.

A Bookful of letters

Putting a monetary spin on the ol’ sexy lady, what you want to do is not an ode to the effervescent. While there are no guarantees that your pal will be on her death bed in a few short months, there is no reason for her to have to endure the euphoria of her untimely passing. The best course of action is to be proactive. A bookful of letters is a worthy prize for your loved one. This is a time honored tradition for many of us. It is also the most effective way to show her that you care. A bookful of letters can also be the start of a lifelong bond. The good news is that the recipient will be more than likely happy to receive a small token of your affections.

Engraved jewelry

Personalized jewelry is a great way to show your love and support. Not only is it a meaningful gesture, it is also a great way to remember your loved one for years to come.

A personalized photo mug is a great example of this. You can include a favorite photo or favorite saying.

A personalized wall portrait is also a thoughtful gift. The small photo is hidden in a “lens” centerpiece.

There are many different types of engraved jewelry available. Some include handwriting or monograms from the deceased. Others contain favorite pictures or memories.

Engraved jewelry is also a great way to pay tribute to your loved one. There are many online stores that offer memorial gifts. Many of these stores can also be used to create custom jewelry for the bereaved.

A Willow Tree angel holding a dog

Whether you’re looking for a sympathy gift for your own family or you want to purchase a gift for a friend who has lost a pet, a Willow Tree angel holding a dog may be just what you need. These angels are a comforting and outward reminder of inner peace and healing.

Willow Tree has a wide selection of sympathy gifts other than flowers to help you express your deepest feelings. These beautiful figurines are carved from Susan Lordi’s original carvings and hand-painted. These heartwarming figurines are highly collectible and are often given as bereavement gifts. These figures are also great to display on a shelf, in the home, or as a decorative piece.

Willow Tree also offers a selection of memorial statues to honor your pet. These statues can be made of quality resin so that they can be placed outdoors without fear of damage. They can also be a wonderful gift for your pet’s owner to display as a memorial.

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