Getting out of the shower or tub and being immediately pampered by an enveloping embrace of a soft bathrobe: here’s how to finish a moment of relaxation in beauty. The bathrobes are beautiful, comfortable and available in different models and materials to satisfy every need, from the gym to the beach.

The bathrobe is an object that is often considered as unimportant. Too often we dry up hastily, without enjoying the last moments of relaxation that shower or bath has given us. A bathrobe, on the other hand, prolongs the beautiful sensations one feels after a long shower or a relaxing bath, welcoming us in a soft embrace to abandon us only when we are ready to go to bed or get ready to go out silk kimono robe.

The bathrobe allows you to do several things while we dry: choose the outfit for the evening, brush our teeth, have breakfast or put on make-up. A bathrobe can also prove useful on many other occasions. In the gym, for example, microfiber bathrobe models are very popular, light and easy to fold and that dry in an instant. A soft chenille-effect terry bathrobe, on the other hand, can also be used as a dressing gown in the winter, to stay comfortable and warm at home. The choice of the bathrobe, its shape and materials is therefore a very personal choice, which depends on the habits and the type of use you want to make of it, but also on the season. Discover all the bathrobes in our catalog and choose the one that’s right for you.

A bathrobe for every need

Versatile, comfortable and chic

The bathrobe is a strange combination of elegance and comfort. Simple and with minimal lines, the bathrobe is a type of clothing designed exclusively for the moment of the bath, which probably sees its birth at the end of the 1800s. In this period, the upper middle class women had a strict label regarding the clothing, which had to be changed according to the time of day. The dressing gown was the garment that was to be used to stay at home. Meanwhile, Japanese culture took hold in Europe and kimonos became a highly regarded garment for their beauty and comfort. It was from a skilful mix between the design of the kimono and the dressing gown that the bathrobe was born, also from the need to have a special garment to wear after the bath. A bathrobe is in fact nothing more than a simplified kimono, closed by a fabric belt and made of an absorbent and soft material, pleasant to have on naked skin.

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