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10 Tory MPs Confess Their Biggest Lies in Support of Johnson’s Whopper-fest PMQ

Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently took the brazen decision to stand up in front of the nation in PMQs and tell lie after lie after lie without, apparently, the slightest whiff of self-awareness. His apparent ‘beyond-reproach’ stance and cavalier attitude to the truth have galvanised many other Tory MPs to stand up and be counted […]

Breaking News: Prime Minister Lies to Cover Own Flabby Ass During PMQs

The British Prime Minister, Boris ‘I’ve Got a Bridge to Sell You’ Johnson lied during today’s Prime Ministers Questions as he denied the historic city of Leicester received only partial information about infections last week, blaming Leicester itself for this week’s ‘whack-a-mole’ lock down. When questioned by Keir Starmer over allegations that Leicester local authorities […]

Stormtrooper Starmer Bashes Blonde Bonehead Boris on Budget Blunder

Keir Starmer, stalwart stormtrooper of the Centric People’s Front of Great Britain, has blamed dumb blonde and blithering birdbrain Boris over the notable absence of a July budget in July. In a literal litany of alliteration, the Daily Shunt can report that superhero ‘savage salvo of sophistry and killer comebacks’ Keir Starmer – whose OMGs […]