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10 Tory MPs Confess Their Biggest Lies in Support of Johnson’s Whopper-fest PMQ

Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently took the brazen decision to stand up in front of the nation in PMQs and tell lie after lie after lie without, apparently, the slightest whiff of self-awareness. His apparent ‘beyond-reproach’ stance and cavalier attitude to the truth have galvanised many other Tory MPs to stand up and be counted […]

Breaking News: Prime Minister Lies to Cover Own Flabby Ass During PMQs

The British Prime Minister, Boris ‘I’ve Got a Bridge to Sell You’ Johnson lied during today’s Prime Ministers Questions as he denied the historic city of Leicester received only partial information about infections last week, blaming Leicester itself for this week’s ‘whack-a-mole’ lock down. When questioned by Keir Starmer over allegations that Leicester local authorities […]

Scooby Doo Gang Come Unstuck After Investigating Spooky Antarctic Mystery

Scooby Doo and the gang have reportedly met their match after attempting to investigate mysterious reports of a monster haunting an Antarctic research base. The gang were called to the remote research facility by station officer MacReady who claimed the monster (dubbed The Thing) was scaring off his colleagues and preventing important research into climate […]

Dan Dare Returns to Earth to ‘Bring the Evil Mekon to Justice’

Dan Dare, the handsome laser-gun toting cosmic hero, has returned to Earth to bring universe’s most evil (and ugly) supervillain, the Mekon, to justice. Pilot of the future, Dare, arrived in a handsome silver starship today. The square jawed hero landed on Clapham Common where he held an impromptu press conference to claim that the […]

Footage Emerges of Boris Johnson Impregnating Invisible Woman

The Daily Mail have published an image of the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, impregnating the invisible woman under the mistaken assumption they were catching the UK premier performing ‘press ups’. The invisible woman, one of the few women Johnson hasn’t yet impregnated, today confirmed that she was indeed the unlucky lady trapped under the […]

Stormtrooper Starmer Bashes Blonde Bonehead Boris on Budget Blunder

Keir Starmer, stalwart stormtrooper of the Centric People’s Front of Great Britain, has blamed dumb blonde and blithering birdbrain Boris over the notable absence of a July budget in July. In a literal litany of alliteration, the Daily Shunt can report that superhero ‘savage salvo of sophistry and killer comebacks’ Keir Starmer – whose OMGs […]

Scientists Warn Amount of Sleaze Swept Under No.10 Rug Could Produce Black Hole

Scientists have warned that the unprecedented number of Tory corruption and government scandals being swept under the rug at Number 10 Downing Street could soon become so dense it may collapse in on itself and form a black hole. As the latest outrage surrounding Robert Jenrick was ‘deemed to be a closed matter’ today, scientists […]

Boris Johnson Admits Satellite Technology Goes ‘Over His Head’

Boris Johnson has admitted that the finer details of the government’s latest proposed £500 million spend on shares in a recently bankrupt satellite company went ‘over his head’ after it was revealed that OneWeb – the company behind the technology – made the ‘wrong sort of satellites’. The UK government’s investment in a satellite broadband […]

Black Man Condemned for Pointing Child at Innocent Heavily Armed Cop

An innocent American cop who was merely doing his duty at a Black Lives Matter demonstration in Long Beach California when he drew his weapon on peaceful protesters has been hailed a hero after he faced down a tall black man armed with a child. The cop, who was thankfully in possession of a non-lethal […]


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