BBQs 2U – The Versatile Features of Blackstone Griddles


Blackstone Griddles have altered how people grill and griddle in the outdoor cooking landscape.

These cooking appliances with versatile features have become a favorite among both amateur backyard cooks and seasoned culinary chefs.

Blackstone Original Griddle collection has distinctive features and user-friendly design that offer a unique cooking experience.

If you stay near Abersoch, visit BBQs 2U to discover why Blackstone Griddlesis a must-have griddle and how it can elevate your outdoor cooking game.

1. Flat-top Cooking Surface

The flat-top cooking surface is one of the standout features of Blackstone Original 28in Griddle.

  • Unlike traditional grills with grates, the flat-top design allows for more even heat distribution and greater cooking flexibility.
  • The expansive cooking surface provides ample space for preparing various dishes simultaneously. It is perfect for hosting gatherings or family barbecues.
  • From pancakes to stir-fries, the flat-top surface easily accommodates diverse cooking styles.

2. Adjustable Heat Zones

Blackstone Tabletop Griddles come equipped with multiple independently adjustable heat zones. You can easily create different temperature zones on the same cooking surface.

You can prepare full-course meal with different cooking temperature with ease. For example, you can sear steaks on one side of the surface while sauté vegetables on another area.

Temperature control will empower you to cook complex recipes without the need of multiple cooking appliances.

3. Portability and Outdoor Convenience

Blackstone Original 22” Griddles is designed for outdoor use.

  • It is convenient for on-the-go cooking, like camping, tailgating, and picnicking.
  • The compact and foldable design makes transportation simple, and the griddles can be set up on various surfaces, from tabletops to dedicated griddle stands.

This versatility enhances the overall outdoor cooking experience, allowing you to bring the joy of griddling anywhere you go.

4. Durable Construction

Blackstone Tabletop Griddles construction can handle outdoor cooking severities. So, you need not be concerned about durability and performance.

  • The griddle has a thick, cold-rolled steel cooking surface that retains heat efficiently and is easy to clean.
  • The sturdy frame and legs provide stability during cooking, and many models come with additional features like side shelves for added convenience.
  • The robust build of Blackstone Griddles has instilled confidence in customers at BBQs 2U, assuring them that their investment decision was correct.

5. Versatile Cooking Accessories

Blackstone offers several versatile cooking accessories that complement their griddles.

  • With add-ons ranging from specialized spatulas and scraper choppers to innovative accessories like the Blackstone Pizza Oven Attachment, users can enhance their griddling experience.
  • The ability to customize and accessorize the griddle according to specific cooking needs further reinforces its status as a versatile outdoor cooking tool.

6. Easy Maintenance

Clean up after cooking on a barbeque is hard but with Blackstone it is stress-freae.

  • The flat-top surface is easy to wipe down, and many models feature a built-in grease management system that funnels excess oil away from the cooking surface.
  • This ensures easy clean-up and promotes healthier cooking by minimizing the consumption of excess fats and oils.


Blackstone Griddles has earned a reputation as a versatile outdoor cooking companion because of its beneficial features like –

  • Flat-top cooking surfaces
  • Adjustable heat zones
  • Portability
  • Durable construction
  • Versatile accessories
  • Easy maintenance.

Whether you are a cooking enthusiast or a weekend chef, a Blackstone Griddle allows releasing your outdoor culinary creativity! Visit BBQs 2U!

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