Prince Andrew Says ‘Don’t Sweat it’ as US Demand Answers on Epstein Case

Prince Andrew has reportedly been summoned by the US Justice Department who wish to question him about his relationship with the dead pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Prince Andrew, who was allegedly friends with Epstein for over a decade, has reportedly said ‘no sweat’ in response, but the UK Home Office seem unlikely to allow his ‘extradition’ on the grounds that doing so could cause a “diplomatic and public relations nightmare.”

The Southern District Court of New York filed a request with the UK Home Office demanding Prince Andrew answer questions over his role in the scandal according to the Sun, which first broke the story. The request was formally lodged last month.


Prince Andrew, who gave a ‘car crash’ interview with the BBC’s Emily Maitlis in which he claimed he couldn’t be a pedophile because he didn’t sweat, has retired from Royal duties since the scandal first emerged.

Justice will not be served for Epstein, in the meantime, as the renowned paedophile – who supplied under-age girls to the rich and famous – mysteriously committed suicide in an isolation cell designed to prevent inmates from committing suicide. He was also on round-the-clock suicide watch at the time.

A spokesperson for Prince Andrew said, “it’s a shame what happened to Mister Epstein innit. He slipped and accidentally not on purpose hanged himself with a bullet.”

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