Far Right US Groups Plan Uprising, Forget They are Already Up

Right wing political groups have been using private Facebook groups to plan an uprising in the United States, despite the fact that they currently hold all the cards in American halls of power and have the world’s foremost right-wing spokesman, Donald Trump, firmly ensconced in the White House.

The news, which comes on the back of an exclusive investigation by the Tech Transparency Project, revealed that Facebook is currently hosting around 125 private groups in which thousands of members are secretly planning an armed right-wing uprising known as “Boogaloo”, a libertarian term synonymous with armed uprisings.

Members of the groups discuss the stock piling of weapons, the benefits of flame throwers and ways in which they can effectively launch a full scale rebellion on America’s streets, though few seem to know precisely who the enemy might be.

Armed protesters in Michigan demonstrating against the state’s attempts to save their lives

Members of the groups are believed to be inspired by President Trump, particularly his recent call for citizens to protect their second amendment rights and incendiary Tweets such as ‘when the looting starts, the shooting starts.’

They also seem to disapprove of measures to combat Coronavirus but this disapproval varies from notions of freedom to conspiracy theories about 5G towers.


Political analyst, Henry Urbal commented on the strange phenomena, saying, “the far right MAGA element in America are very very stupid and, currently, very, very nervous. They’re starting to see a very defined shift in the status quo which puts them on edge and gives them itchy trigger fingers.”

“Trump has fostered a culture, thus far, which favours white privilege and suppresses the idea of minority and ethnic inequality. Everyone knows these things exist, but soccer moms from America’s Bible Belt don’t like to think about it, while your average deep south MAGA hat wearing assault rifle enthusiast doesn’t care.”

As the Black Lives Matter movement continued to gather pace across the nation this week, with a succession of violent riots and protests turning into a more measured demonstration of unity as all races and backgrounds across the world showed their support, the Boogaloo groups appeared to build momentum.


Urbal said, “provided the right have jobs and security, Trump is their man. But jobs and security are starting to dwindle in equal measure and inequality is now levelling out across the board while a very angry feeling is emerging on the streets.”

“Your standard Trump supporter no longer feels safe and the natural, knee-jerk reaction is to lock and load and saddle up.”

“The Confederate spirit of 1861 could be on the move and on the march. A sensible consensus is now required across all social media platforms. Groups such as this must be condemned and shut down. This isn’t censorship or an attack on freedom of speech, it’s a reaction to the rise of domestic terrorism.”

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