Walmart Says Shoppers Without Masks Will be Asked to Bite the Bullet

Walmart has announced that it will be cracking down on shoppers who fail to wear protective masks in an effort to protect other visitors to its stores.

Door greeter, Andy McMahon, said, “it’s now official policy to politely ask shoppers to put on a mask. If they refuse then it’s my job to make them understand. I can be very persuasive.”

Walmart have seen a number of shoppers ignoring social distancing rules in the US, with many refusing to wear a mask while purchasing assault rifles, Google Home Minis and Himalayan salt lamps.


Walmart manager, Seth Smith, said, “we are quite used to asking shoppers to leave and only return when they are wearing clothes, so this is just business as usual for our diligent staff.”

McMahon, who has had several confrontations with shoppers who refuse to don masks, said, “I’m not so bothered about them spreading the virus as I am about them covering their faces which, by and large, are not ‘safe for life’.”

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